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Why ducks?

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D&D Companies, affectionately knowns as “Darn Ducks” when spotted in the community, has adopted the motto of “Be a Duck.” Rubber ducks cans be often spotted on the desks of each employee as a reminder of this moniker. We invite you to read the backstory below to understand how we curated this motto and what it means to us.


"Be a Duck"

As a girl, our Director of Operations, had been having a particularly rough couple of days and was riding in the car with her father when she broke down in tears. Her father, not the emotional sort of man just looked out of the windshield at the red light for a few moments before he said “be a duck.”

Awestruck, those three words left her staring wide eyed at him. She thought he must have lost his mind – “be a duck.”

He then explained: “When hit with animosity or challenges, let it roll off your back – such as how rain rolls off of a duck’s back.”

These three words, “be a duck,” have stuck with her ever since, and now with all of us at D&D Companies. When faced with challenges, failures, negative attitudes, animosity and struggle, we try our hardest to be a ducks.

At either of our locations you can see glimpses of rubber ducks to serve as daily reminder to let it roll off our backs, not bring us down, and not let challenges hinder our road to success.

Thus we often hand out rubber ducks and share this small story to remind our friends, family, customers and coworkers to be a duck when they feel reactive in these situations.

We hope that you, as well, can remember to be a duck when faced with challenging situations and individuals and pass this story along!

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