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While we do a vast number of custom orders every day, we also stock some items in frequently purchased designs in our store and online for your convenience. These items range from PT shirts to embroidered caps and offer our customers the option of purchasing small quantities of ready-made products.
As a proud supporter of our military, D & D offers not only patriotic memorabilia and clothing in our storefront, but we also keep available many of the mandatory articles of clothing necessary for Physical Training.

Currently, we stock over 18 battalion PT designs with room for expansion provided that there is the necessary demand for that design. If you do not see your battalion design here, please contact us to find out how to have your design stocked for internet and/or store sales. We are more than willing to stock designs for brigades/battalions at other military installations and facilitate shipping to their locations. PT garments are printed in-house and are shipped based on the availability of the design. If your size or style is not immediately available, it will be added to our next run of that design and shipped as soon as it becomes available.

***At this time due to a high demand for PT garments, our inventory has been severely depleted. We are currently working diligently to replenish inventory on all of the designs offered, however, currently we cannot guarantee in hand dates for any items.***

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If you don’t see your unit shirt, contact us about stocking it