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Custom Framing

D & D Companies, Inc. provides custom framing services to the military and civilians alike. All components involved in our custom framing services are completed in-house

which allows us to offer flexibility and fast turnaround times to our customers. Our unique frames and shadow boxes have encompassed guns, swords, shrapnel, liquor bottles, playing cards, posters, baby shoes, diplomas, jerseys, flags, and many other items.

Unlike many of our other services, framing does typically require a face-to-face consultation with our framing staff. The only exceptions to this are our basic color and guidon specials. In order to accurately determine the size of the frame needed as well as the price for the frame, each component of a framing order must be precisely measured in-house.

As a courtesy to our military customers, we offer special bulk pricing on framed miniature guidons and colors. Typically, these are purchased in advance, stored incomplete at one of our locations, and pulled from as the customer needs. For more information on these color specials, contact us at (931) 648-1001.

The miniature guidons we currently have on file are listed below.

  • 5th Special Forces
  • 19th Field Artillery
  • 21st Engineers
  • 44th Air Defense
  • 96th Support
  • 160th AVA
  • 326th Engineers
  • 327th Infantry
  • 502 D Military Police
  • 506th Infantry
  • 626 Brigade Support
  • 26th Infantry
  • 922d Contracting Bat.
  • Mountaineers 801 Support
  • Battalion Signal Corps
  • 100 Regiment
  • 224th Military Intelligence
  • 335th Regiment
  • 204th Regiment
  • 236th Regiment
  • 254 Transportation
  • 398th Regiment
  • 634 Support
  • Army Medic
  • Eagle Treasure
  • 16th Cavalry
  • 17th Cavalry
  • 46th Infantry
  • 32th Infantry
  • 51 Signal Corps
  • 61st Cav
  • 130th Infantry
  • 125th Field Artillery
  • 163rd Field Artillery
  • 101st AVA
  • 107th AVA
  • 716th Military Police
  • 502 D Infantry
  • 265th Air Defense
  • 201st Military Intelligence
  • 311th
  • 313th
  • 319th Field Artillery
  • 397th Engineers
  • 426th Forward Support
  • 489th Civil Affairs
  • 563rd AVA Support Battalion
  • 561st Support Battalion
  • 519 Military Intelligence
  • 682nd Engineers
  • 75th Cav
  • 32nd Cav
  • 320th F. A.
  • 187 Inf
  • 502nd Infantry
  • 409 Regiment